Unique and Interesting Concept For Your Restaurant Business

Culinary business is a business that will never end. However, the increasingly mushrooming of people who plunge into the world of business makes more and more competitors. Lots of unique restaurants are popping up.

Therefore, it must be creative and innovative in creating creations and ideas in the current era. This time we will provide inspiration and ideas for those of you who intend to do business in the culinary field and intend to open their restaurant.

Maybe some of these types of restaurants can be easily found in other countries, but this can be an idea for those of you who want to open a business in your state.

The following are ten examples of unique restaurants in Europe and Asia.

Restaurant business concept

1.    Farm to Table Restaurant

If you have your garden, why don't you try opening a restaurant directly in your garden? You can create your kitchen and dining table in the middle of your plantation.

With the concept of greening like this, it will attract many visitors. Don't forget to provide a variety of healthy menus to be in line with your restaurant environment.

2.    Self-Fishing and Cooking

Have a hobby of fishing? Why not just share your hobby with your fishing community by creating your restaurant.

The concept is simple; guests can directly fish the fish they want and cook it according to their wishes. Surely this will be a pleasure for those who have a hobby of fishing, especially if you prepare a variety of large and fresh fish.

3.    Dark Dining

This concept might still be prevalent in Indonesia. However, you might be able to make it an opportunity for your business.

Eating in the dark is simple. It might be a unique experience for your customers. With the lights turned off, the other senses will become stronger, so that the food you make will taste delicious.

4.    DIY - Do it Yourself

If in general restaurants have prepared chefs to cook their food then this time you can turn it over, for your customers to cook their food.

You have to provide the tools and ingredients according to the menu they want and let them mix it yourself.

A cooking experience that certainly won't be forgotten by your customers. Indeed, don't forget to prepare a reliable chef to assist your customers.

5.    Comics Cafe

Have a lot of comic books or magazines at home? Why not make them as your culinary business concept.

You can make a restaurant similar to a library where customers are free to be able to eat your meal while reading the books they like. It is unique.

6.    Funeral Cafe

It is probably the unique restoring concept you will ever meet. You can prepare a restaurant with a design that looks like a Japanese or English style funeral concept that seems luxurious. Serve food with a theme that is somewhat horror so that it seems more unique.

7.    Indoor restaurant

Have an apartment and are rarely used? Why not try making a restaurant in an apartment.

The luxury apartment environment will certainly make your customers feel at home for long, especially if the view from inside your apartment is pretty good. Don't forget to ask permission from the apartment security to not be suspected!

8.    Future Restaurants

In general, today's restaurants are manually served by waiters. However, what about future restaurants? Maybe you can create a restaurant-future style where robots are used as waiters or chefs.

Make a menu that is also unique and interesting using gastronomic techniques. Guaranteed your restaurant will be a favorite of many people.

9.    Food truck

It is a type of restaurant that has begun to mushroom in Indonesia. There is nothing wrong if you also join a business using a food truck.

The advantage is that you can move from one place to another and you can easily promote the food products you sell.

10.     Animal Cafe

Have lots of pets? Why not try to make a cafe with a pet concept. Arrange each cage of your pet neatly so that it can be a spectacle for visitors.

Alternatively, if your pet is a friendly animal such as a cat or dog, you might be able to take it off and let them interact with customers. You can also allow customers to bring their pets.

Don't also forget to provide food for animals so as not to disturb when customers are eating.

How is about the Unique Restaurant above? It could be a new business opportunity, couldn’t it?
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7 Interesting Business Ideas for Couples

Doing business with your partner will generate profits to improve the family's economy. Besides, you will spend more time together.

It can strengthen marriage ties. Provided that both of them can commit and support each other so that the business can be successful and also maintain the husband-wife relationship.

Well, what are some exciting business opportunities to be run by married couples or couples? Here are some recommendations for you.

7 Business Ideas for Couples

Business ideas for couples

1. Culinary Business

For couples who like the culinary world and have cooking skills, the culinary business can be suitable to run. If the concoction is delicious, of course, your company can get many customers.

The culinary business will also never be empty of buyers because the food is a basic human need. Such as a catering business for events and opening cafes or restaurants.

Unique and Interesting Concept Restaurant Business 

2.    Open the Shop

Opening a conventional store is suitable for couples living in strategic areas. For example, if you have a shop in a densely populated area, then try to open a shop that sells the needs of residents.

You can open groceries, drug stores, fruit shops, building materials stores, and others. Choose promising business opportunities, so that the store can always be crowded with buyers every day.

3.    Online Business

If you are not interested in opening an offline store, try doing business online. Today all things are online, including buying and selling activities of goods or services.

You can promote any product via the internet. Most importantly, you must understand the ins and outs of cyberspace so that you can apply the right ways to improve your business.

4.    Boarding Houses

If you have available property, you can start a boarding house. Boarding houses are sought after by students, university students, and employees who migrate to your city.

Provide adequate facilities so that your boarding houses are attractive and livable. Set a friendly monthly rental fee, so that all boarding rooms can always be fully loaded.

5.    Wedding Organizer

For couples who have long sailed the household ark, there must have been many experiences in which you can share it with other couples. Business wedding organizer (WO) can be suitable for both of you.

By running a WO, you can help potential couples who are getting married soon to prepare for their happy day. It can be an exciting and memorable experience because your business is always related to romantic things.

6.    Child Care Center

Many parents who live in big cities do not have enough time to look after their children. Child care centers are often sought to entrust their toddlers while they are working.

Therefore, if you live in an area close to housing or offices, a childcare service business can be up-and-coming. Especially if you like small children, looking after children can be a happy job.

7.    Creative Business

For couples whom both can create, try business in the creative field — for example, handicraft business, graphic design, advertising, photography, and videography.

Run creative endeavors that fit your hobbies and skills, so that every job can be mastered and carried out happily. Surely your business can run well and also develop.
Well, that's some interesting business ideas for couples. It can be an inspiration for those of you who are looking for business opportunities that you can run with someone you love so much.
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6 Reasons Why You Should Re-Design Your Company Logo

You may just redesign the logo from time to time, but there must be a reason why you want to do it.
So you can have a new logo that is better at representing your brand identity.

For those of you who want to redesign the company logo, you should consider the following reasons so that your logo can be redesigned appropriately and have a clear purpose behind it.

6 Important Reasons for Redesigning Your Company Logo

Redesign company logo
Redesign Logo Process 

1. Adjusting to Age Development

For old companies, previous logo design will undoubtedly look old-fashioned or out of date at this time. For that, you need to create a new, more modern logo.

With a new look, the logo no longer looks worn. It is a simple step to rebranding and giving freshness to the company's brand to change consumer perceptions.

For example, in 2013, Yahoo made a logo design change for the first time after 18 years of existence. The aim is to reflect on Yahoo's more modern internet era.

2. The Company's Vision and Mission Changed

When your business grows, there will usually be changing values so that the vision and mission of the company at the beginning of standing may have been different from the present.

Changes in vision and mission can occur due to various factors whether it's because of the evolution of leadership or to adjust to the development of the company's current environment.

If the vision and mission have changed, it is fitting that you change the logo that can describe the change. It is essential to do to form a new corporate image.

3. Your Business Has Developed

Has your company experienced drastic development? Your company has grown considerably compared to the beginning you started.

For example, first, you only offered one type of product. However, now, you already have a variety of products and open several branch offices.

If your business has developed and changed, you may consider redesigning the company logo. Try creating a logo that is more effective in representing your current business identity.

4. The Company Conducts a Merger

If your company merges or merges two companies, the company's identity needs to be changed to align with the merger.

Therefore, the company needs to rebrand to provide renewal in the minds of consumers, investors, and competitors. One of the rebranding processes can be by changing the logo.

With the latest logos, the company can position itself with a new image that symbolizes the synergy of the two merged companies. It can also be a new initial form for your company.

5. Want to Reach a New Market

Your business does have a fixed customer or client. However, if you want to target a new market, you need to make a branding strategy for that.

One of them can be by re-designing the logo to improve brand image. A new logo can connect you with a new target market, but it still retains your customer/client base.

However, make sure you use the services of a professional designer. So the design is made with consideration of art and also promotional needs.

6. Similar Logo to Other Companies

A logo is a company identification symbol. If your company logo is similar to other company logos, this can confuse people who see it.

If that happens, you should redesign the logo because you don't want to feel the same with other companies just because of the similarity of the logo.

Then, when changing logos, make sure the design is unique so that it no longer resembles any logo because the uniqueness of the logo will make it easier for people to know it, just by looking at it.

Now, that's some important reasons why you have to redesign your company logo.

So, before you design a new logo, make sure you have a clear goal to represent your business identity.

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